Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center

Douglas Architects, as Prime, led an outstanding team comprised of Broaddus Planning and Epstein (Chicago) and provided architectural programming, planning and Basis of Design documents for the demolition and future expansion of the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in downtown San Antonio. The team produced an extensive four-volume Programming and Planning document, which consisted of a detailed Space Program, Site & Building Guidelines, Site & Building Analysis, and Appendices.

Through a series of interviews with Stakeholders ranging from surrounding hotels, the Alamodome, Tower of the Americas, and HParc, as well as local utility and regulatory groups such as CPS Energy, SAWS, VIA, HDRC, Development Services and others, Douglas Architects and its team gathered and recorded data from macro to micro level, and analyzed the construction phasing and transition issues surrounding the complicated site. The document served as a record of the process, a “basis of design” that “tested” the program against the site, as well as a roadmap for the myriad of issues identified by the team and which the Design-Build firm, tasked with developing final designs and construction of the new expansion, will need to address.